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Preserving the Past, Informing the Future
The Friends of the Tennessee State Library and Archives (TSLA) share a belief that the history of our state is worth preserving and that access to information is essential for thriving community.

We support the efforts of TSLA to fulfill its many missions and services for the benefit of all citizens of our great state.

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Opinion: Why Tennessee should spend $89 million on a new library  - 8/21/2015 article, Chattanooga Times Free Press

Intern or Volunteer at TSLA

Click here to go to TSLA's web page describing its Intern and Volunteer Program
Whether you characterize TSLA as an unsung hero for rescuing communities across the state with through the public libraries and archives it supports and administers or describe TSLA as a treasure trove for historians, genealogists and researchers, TSLA’s resources and staff make a difference every day in the lives of Tennesseans.
Here are just a few of the ways:

Tennessee’s largest history and genealogy collection including important state documents and historical records, a wealth of genealogical resources that has been featured on national television (thank you “Do You Know Who You Are?”) and the Tennessee Electronic Virtual Archive TeVA) that gives students, enthusiasts and scholars immediate access to many of the gems of the collection. The photographs in this brochure are just a sampling of what can be found at TeVA.

TEL (Tennessee Electronic Library) is free to all Tennesseans includes is a collection of 40+ databases that provide access to over 400,000 magazine, journal, and newspaper articles, essays, podcasts, videos, e-books, primary source materials, and more

The Tennessee Regional Library System including more than 200 public libraries in 12 regions. In addition to providing administration and collection support, TSLA also provides training for library staff, resources for the successful summer reading programs.

The Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped provides a free library program of Braille, recorded and large print materials is available to Tennessee residents who are not able to use standard print materials due to a visual or physical disability

• And much more! See
http://www.tngov/tsla for further information. 

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