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Preserving the Past, Informing the Future
About Us
TSLA Friends was established in 2010 to support and celebrate the activities of the Tennessee State Library and Archives. Current projects include preserving the historic records of the Supreme Court, and assisting with research on the soldiers buried at the Nashville National Cemetery. Though we are a young organization, we have already enabled significant donations of time, talent and resources to assist with these and other worthwhile projects. 

TSLAFriends Founding Members

A Founding Member of TSLAFriends is anyone who joined prior to and at the FIRST public meeting of the TSLAFriends on October 10, 2010 and those who joined before Dec. 31, 2010.
It should be noted that in August 2009, the Steering Committee of friends of TSLA (appointed by the then-State Librarian & Archivist, Jeanne Sugg) met to discuss the formation of a friends group for TSLA.  The committee was chaired by Sandra Nelson and attendees were Connie Albrecht, Jami Awalt, Mary Carpenter, Norma Myers and Tom Taylor.  After a second meeting, the committee approved a set of by-laws and appointed the first slate of officers for the Board of Directors who were President, Steve Richards; Vice-President & President Elect, Ellen Myrick; Treasurer, Gordon Belt; and Secretary, Mary Helms and Jami Awalt as TSLA Liason.   These seven (7) Steering Committee members are Founding Members of TSLAFriends.

Albrecht, Connie
Awalt, Jami
Belt, Gordon T.
Byrne, Thomas E.
Carmack, Catherine E.
Carpenter, Mary Vaughn
Carter, Genny
Charlet, Jim
Clements, Paul
Coke, William D. & Fletch
Conard, Dr. Rebecca
Crowell, Brooks E.
Darnell, Frances C.
Davis, Brenta
Earl, Susan R.
Ewing, David
Fairbend, Lee
Gerdeman, Martha O.
Gregath, Kay
Haley, Martha Word
Hargett, Honorable Tre, TN Secretary of State
Harris, Ray & Peggy
Hassler, Kassandra
Hastings-Johnson, Jill
Helms, Mary
Helms, Mr. & Mrs. Nolan Davis, Jr. 
Hemphill, Paul & Ruth
Henderson, Cherel B.
Holdredge, Faith
Hoover, Kim
Hopkins, Kathryn
Kies, Joni Hunter
King, Frankie Ann
Koelz, Rick
Masters, Jack
Matthews, Paul A.
McDaniel, Honorable Steve K., TN Representative
Moore, Dr. Wayne
Myers, Norma
Myrick, Ellen
Nelson, Charles L. & Sandra
Orr, Patricia S.
Patton, Juanita M.
Pinkston, Beverly Jane
Richards, R. Stephen (Steve)
Roberts, Carol
Sherrill, Charles A. “Chuck”, State Librarian and Archivist 2010 - current
Sloan, Theodore B. “Tim”
Smith, Kathleen
Smith, Susan
Staub, James
Sugg, Jeanne, State Librarian & Archivist 2005-2010
Sutherland, Laine
Taylor, Tom
Walker, Celia S.
Watson, Virginia Gooch
Wheeler, Dr. Bruce

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